Cheers My Beers! : Sourgarita, Tuatara

If you’re looking for something to cool you down while the suns out, I’d highly recommend the Sourgarita! This beer gets an 8/10

A hot day in Wellington calls for a cold something and a beer is usually the way to go. Wellington is home to over a dozen breweries and is considered the craft beer capital of NZ. – so on those hot days it’s easy to track down the perfect craft beer to cool you down.

While on the search for that perfect beer to quench my ever growing thirst I popped in to the local grocery. I started to browse my usual brands and while comparing them from the corner of my eye there she was – a new sour! It was beautiful, love at first sight.

Sours aren’t a typical style for many breweries to go with as they take a certain pallet to appreciate them. As the name implies, most sours are tart, tangy and have a bite, but that was just what I was looking for on a hot day. This beauty, known as Sourgarita, was a new seasonal by Tuatara.


Once home I popped the top and poured it into a glass, you could already smell the delicious tangy, lime scent as it poured. The light golden color showed the bubbles of carbonation and the promise of a crisp drink. Taking a moment to smell the fresh lime scent and the tartness of the sour made my mouth water. I took my first sip and it didn’t disappoint!

The flavors hit the front of the tongue giving it a little bite. As it moved down the back of the tongue the sour, tart, lime notes had already mellowed and turned to a smooth fresh taste. This transition made the sour incredibly drinkable and not overwhelming. It would be the perfect sour to offer someone who’d never had one before. Although packed with flavour, it was inoffensive and quick to mellow out.

I picked it up at my local New World on Willis street but you can also find it on Tuatara’s website: Cheers!


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