We’re Obsessed With This Jellyfish Dress

Every now and then a piece of clothing comes a long, you take a look, and you decide you want it. Doesn’t really matter the price, that it doesn’t fit your normal style, or even if it’ll fit. You just have to have it.

Medusozoa is the latest piece to come across my lap, and as I’m always a slut for wearable technology, it’s love at first sight. In describing the piece the creators, Ines McBride, Jess Freire and Ruby Parkinson, contribute the following:

Medusozoa is a wearable technology garment that radiates light. The inspiration for this piece comes from the under the sea illustrations of Ernst Haeckel. These delicate fine lined drawings of translucent jellyfish inspired the shape, colours and materials of the garment, with ribbons of pulsing light imitating the tendrils and movement of a jellyfish.

Medusozoa was created using a light-weight shimmering blue organza which is held into a voluminous form with a lightweight laser cut acrylic frame. Fiber optics pulse underneath the organza to imitate the gentle pulsating movement of a jellyfish as it moves through the ocean. As a fashion garment, Medusozoa is intended to be worn as a showcase piece, to highlight the beauty and form of the captivating creatures that exist under the sea.

An exciting piece both from a technology and fashion stand point. Take a look at in action below.


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