Cheers My Beers! : Hoptoberfest, Behemoth

Overall, I’d give the Hoptoberfest a solid 8/10. It’s a light beer, with soft flavour notes that mean you can keep drinking and not get tired of it.

When looking to find a new beer, you might run into one brand I particularly enjoy – Behemoth. This brand tends to have well thought out flavour notes for every beer. While some brands can go a little overboard with adding all the flavours and hops, Behemoth tends to pick a few flavours, and then blends them together without overwhelming your palette. The Hoptoberfest is the Kiwi ode to German Oktoberfest style beers.

New Zealand has some really great art on their beer cans and can make it really difficult to choose. Much like the beer itself the logo is cheeky, but also simple, making it pretty clear what you’ll be getting when it’s time to crack open your drink.


The artwork on the Hoptoberfest is no exception with the logo character wearing lederhosen, and eating a pretzel. While this is more of a homage to German beers, it’s not actually an Oktoberfest beer. The label says it’s an IPA and after giving it a smell, it’s very clear this is the truth! The beer showcases German flavours by using German Malt, hopped with German Hallertau Blanc and Mandarina Bavaria.

When you crack open the wide mouth can, the smell of the hops hits your nose immediately. It’s a wonderful scent with a mix of hops and spices. This dissipates and you’re left with a lighter, fruity, earthy scent. With your first sip you notice that hint of spice as it hits your tongue and as it moves to the back you’ll pick up the fruity, earthy flavours. Although it’s an IPA it is rather crisp, more like typical German logers. This is a really nice touch as it keeps the mouthfeel from being too heavy and keeps your pallet fresh.

I’d highly recommend this beer on a hot day or even as summer turns to fall. Pairing it with a nice spicy dish such as Indian Curry will bring out that hint of spice but keep your mouth cool while eating. Being lighter it would also be nice with a white fish, seared or battered.

I’ve found Behemoth beer in most grocery stores I’ve been in but if you’re having a tough time finding some, you can pick some up through their online site: Chur!


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