Technology Meets Fashion – Nebu

As last week’s post made clear, I love me some wearable technology. From Ruby Parkinson comes another delightful and inventive piece. If you can’t imagine wearing “Nebu” while taking over the world, then there’s no helping you. See what the designer has to say about the piece.


“The inspiration for Nebu comes from film depictions of ancient Egyptian pharaohs, gods and goddesses. These characters, often appearing in scenes of mysterious ritual and magic, commonly wear neck collars based on ancient Egyptian Usekh collars. This design incorporates the traditional glass beading seen in these collars to create an elegant piece of bright gold and deep green coloured costume jewellery. The material qualities of the translucent and glistening glass are accentuated by warm points of light, controlled by the wearer, that radiate in waves down the collar. These elements combine to create a statement piece of jewellery, the details of which come alive in the low light of the evening.”

As is always the case with wearable technology, seeing it in action is a thing of beauty. Take a look at the video below.


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