Wellington Weather Is A Right Rain Cock-Tease

Wellington is a cruel mistress when it comes to dressing for the day, a lesson I have yet to take to heart.

If there is one thing that going to a uniformed college ingrains in your very being, it is that that you do not wear the school approved raincoat. Aside from looking like a dick, it also manages to single you out as the kid who does not want to get wet. You definitely don’t want to be that person either, because other kids are assholes.

So naturally I abhor raincoats, leaving their rather ineffective counterparts umbrellas as my other equally unappealing choice.


Let me share a small truth with you about umbrellas. You will not look like the girl in the photo above. You sure as hell will not look all pouty and pretty in a god damn rainstorm while your magical umbrella manages to keep you completely dry despite blowing rain at you from all sides. YOU, my dear friend, will look like the rest of us – something closer to being best described as a drowned rat who’s umbrella has turned inside out because the wind here is a right bitch.

As you can probably imagine, this had led to the need for “fashionable” raincoats. Unfortunately this in turn has led to the creation of things that look nice but aren’t really that effective unless you are willing to shell out the big bucks, which when you are a student is anything over $40. Think that trench coat in the back of your close that absorbs more water than it repels.

No, what you need is the raincoat equivalent of a giant black garbage bag to survive as a Wellingtonian. It’ll keep you dry, and when you are dressed fabulously underneath who cares what the drowned rat street people think?

It’s not fashionable, I realise, but seriously? If you manage to keep your clothes/hair/shoes/weird-little-dog-you-keep-in-your-handbag dry then what does it matter.

Speaking as a completely unbiased third party with no stake in the matter (100% untrue as my day job with them keeps me in cheap wine, facemasks and yoga pants) – Trade Me is always a solid place to hunt out a bargain.



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