Cheers My Beers!: Funk Estate, Jungle Boogie

As a sour, Jungle Boogie is pretty top notch. It has sourness but isn’t too extreme, and it delivers light notes of orange and citrus. I’d recommend anyone who enjoys sours, wheat bears and lambics to give this one a go! I’d rate it a 7/10.

I’m not sure if it’s the weather, or if breweries have just been feeling a bit outgoing lately, but I was able to find another sour. I love sours for not just their taste but also how they can be a bit harder to come by. Most breweries don’t make sours and it could be due to the difficulty in producing consistent well-flavoured ones.

When I saw Funk Estate had made a sour I was excited, when I saw it was ‘blood orange’ I became very intrigued. Many sours have fruit flavours they introduce by adding fruit to the aging process. I love a good citrus style sour, and flavour notes like blood orange just sounded amazingly refreshing.

Once the can was opened the notes of orange really did shine and you could smell the sourness of the beer. Drinking it, however, had less of the orange flavour I was really looking forward to. It was still a really great flavour of orange and tangy sourness but I was expecting a stronger fruit note.

If you’re looking to pair your this beer to amplify the flavours, things like sharp cheeses, pork and salt meats or seafood will be a great way to go. Cheese that has fruit in it can also play with the flavour of a sour and bring out other notes. So if you’re a big cheese fan, go for gold and try out some different combinations.

I got this sour at a local New World but you can find Funk Estate at a ton of different distributors. You can also get them online at:


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