The Future Is Here And It’s Capsule Shaped

I’m a sucker for a good gimmick, so the opportunity to spend the weekend in Sydney’s Capsule Hotel was an opportunity too sweet to pass up. Is it a nice step between a hotel and a hostel? Yes. Will you be fucked if you get claustrophobia? Probably. Did I pretend I was in a spaceship pod the entire stay? You bet your ass I did.


All the rage in Japan, capsule hotels have been expanding their reach beyond in the last decade. The premise is simple – you get a caosule, sometimes a locker comes with it (or you pay extra), and you share a bathroom with all of the other people on the floor. The true sell of this set up is that it’s essentially just a hostel but with an air of privacy. Sick of being woken up by drunk 20-somethings coming into your hostel at 3am? Then this is for you.

The Sydney version has worked hard to make sure you are comfortable and it shows. The vibe is on point, each capsule comes with a TV, and its own air conditioning which you control to your liking. Be warned though, if you choose to leave it on then it is a noisy little bastard. Slapping some earplugs in eliminates that problem – and any noise you, or the person above or below you in the adjoining pod, make when moving.


As you can see in the above the console each capsule is equipped with definitely adds to the spaceship vibe. A personal safe means you can comfortably leave your items without worry of being robbed, while you wander the city. The major drawback with this design is that the two circular buttons on the righthand side do not turn off at any time. This means that if you can’t sleep unless it’s completely dark you are royally boned. Reading the reviews before we went meant we were already prepared with eyemasks though, so we were set.

The next time you aren’t keen to break the bank, but also don’t want to share your space with strangers then a capsule hotel is for you. Booking.com is the best place to do this, and be sure to take a look at their photos and reviews to make sure this is something that’s going to work for you.

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