Collection: Akris – Fall Winter 2018 / 2019

Having a discussion this week with friends, it’s clear that Swiss fashion house Akris has yet to make itself known to the regular pundit down under.

While their name doesn’t yet carry the weight that the true icons of the industry come with, their one to keep an eye on. The lineup displayed at Paris Fashion week earlier this month shows a chic and sophisticated look that can travel well internationally. A huge plus for a country where something too ostentatious will get you a derisive “what the fuck are you wearing?”.

Bright and deep colours are a welcome move away from the bland pastels that have filtered their way down to our part of the world. With a focus on ready to wear items Akris is borderline accessible for those of us willing to shell out for one true iconic piece, or those who are made of money so it’s redundant to think about a price tag.

It’s particularly pleasant to see an entire collection of items you would consider wearing; and dear god what I wouldn’t do to get the coat at 4:25.


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