Cheers My Beers!: Garage Project, Party And Bullshit

If you’re not huge on IPAs but enjoy sours, this might be a nice change up for you. Although it has hoppier notes, the mango still gives you that refreshing edge you’d find with a sour. I give this brew an 8/10.

Garage Project is a brand that you can easily find throughout Wellington. They have a huge variety and anyone should be able to find a beer from this brewery that they’d like. Taking no prisoners, Garage Project are unapologetic and eager to try different flavours and styles. This approach can either lead to something that’s lost in translation or, in this case, something that balances all the notes perfectly.

When it comes to IPAs you want a nice amount of hoppy flavour with a hint of something else. Party & Bullshit combines that need of hops with the taste of mango and tropical fruit. The mangos notes also don’t disappoint!


Your first sniff of the beer after it’s opened is a lovely hoppy, earthy scent. Taking your first sip you can already notice the sweeter notes and burst of mango. I was really delighted in how much the mango flavour came out – it was more of a punch to the tongue, rather than a just a mere afterthought of flavour. All around this is a really solid IPA and if you’re an IPA fan I highly recommend it!

IPAs make great pairings with spicy foods so the next time you get some ceviche or chow down on a taco then grab a Party & Bullshit. The mango flavour will pair great with any Mexican food and the hoppy, bitterness should help cut down on the spice. If you’re not into spice and still want to make the most of your pairing, you can also nom on something salty or fried.

If you’d like to pick up a can for yourself ( the art alone is worth a gander) then head to your local shop in Wellington or hit up their website below. Garage Project also has a ton of breweries which you can find locations for online as well.



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