You Should Be Extra This Easter

For those who know me, it’s no secret that when it comes to a special occasion I go full on extra. This week alone I constructed a seed light umbrella as part of a wedding gift, because it was due to rain and I’m thoughtful as fuck. Holidays are no different and this Easter making it something to remember shows you aren’t going to half-ass everything, and can instead whole ass at least one thing.29250639_10155294167526889_113655956_o

For those of you with kids I’d recommend the classic Easter egg hunt. If you have a yard then hiding smaller eggs all over the place is always a delight, if you don’t then simply hide them around the house. If your children are younger then a few large eggs hidden inside the house is the way to go. Playing “hot, warm, cold” also ensures that you won’t have to spend your entire day watching a six-year-old try to find an egg you’ve hidden in the washing machine.

If you don’t have kids you should still lean into the occasion. Organise an adult Easter egg hunt, and do shots for all of the ones you find. Also organise a BBQ because you’re going to go toasted pretty fast, and food is going to help with this.

Say you’re keen to give a gift that’s a little more personal and you’re super into crafts but not drinking, in which case I think your personal choices are weird but you do you, then there are also a number of activities you can do to keep yourself busy. If you’re not into an eating contest, again weird, then picking up a beautiful dye task for eggs is the way to go. Trawling the internet a truly stunning outcome can be achieved if you follow these instructions, so take a look at the photo below for the results.

Photo Credit: Ulicam

TLDR: Don’t be a lazy bitch. Make memories for your children or friends, or just make them feel bad because of all the great instas you post.



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