Collection: Duarte – Fall Winter 2018 / 2019

Lisboa fashion week earlier this month saw the runway show for the 2018/2019 Fall Winter collection from Duarte make its debut. The music definitely adds to the atmosphere, so be sure to plug your headphones in when watching.

If there’s one thing I’m always a sucker for it’s 20’s – 40’s fashion. If Duarte’s Prohibition line does one thing well, it’s that it evokes a vintage feeling while still appearing modern enough people aren’t going to accuse you of going full hipster.

Amidst the plunging necklines, and there are a lot and they’re executed both tastefully and daringly, it’s particularly a pleasure to see a more inclusive fashion range. It’s no secret that most European fashion houses have yet to tap into the market for hijabs or burkas, so it’s a much-needed move towards this that Duarte makes with their look at 0:57. It’s also pretty refreshing to actually see an actual WOC modelling it.

While Duarte for the everyday person isn’t affordable, its collection seems ready to stand the test of time if you’re looking for an investment piece. If you’re searching for a reliable brand that you could expect to grow larger, and continue to produce unique but beautiful pieces, they seem a solid bet.


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