Collection: Luís Onofre – Fall Winter 2018/2019

Shoes – both the life of my life and the reason my bank account is way further into the red than is acceptable for a “financially responsible” adult. My favourites will eventually end up on the Margot Instagram, but if I was made of money brands like Luis Onofre would likely wriggle their way in.

Luis Onofre hasn’t been around very long in the lineage of fashion houses, but since debuting their first collection in 1999, they have been holding their own for almost 20 years in the realm of high fashion shoes. Not an easy feat.

This years fall-winter collection seems ripe to catch attention for anyone wearing them. While bold colouring pops up in a tiny spurt, the aim with this collection definitely seems to be to sparkle – or admittedly be a space pirate in pleather buckled shoes.

For a shoe fashion house though the lack of wearable flats in this group is disappointing at best. I counted a total of 3 pairs for women that didn’t have a heel, so the distinct lack of arch support is pretty underwhelming for a brand of this calibre.

Any of you who like to wear a pair of shoes for more than 4 hours and not cripple your feet, this line is not for you. That said I do love me a good red boot, and the shoes at 5:29 do not disappoint.


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