Cheers My Beers! Garage Project, Orange Sunshine

The Orange Sunshine was clearly designed for hot summer days and hanging out beachside, but it was still pretty great for a warm Autumn day. I give this one 7/10 and if you’re lucky enough to get to the beach, I’d recommend pairing it with some nice fish and chips.

Going into Autumn, the weather can certainly keep you on your toes. After a pretty chilly week we got some sun so to celebrate I thought I’d go with another Garage Project, this time a wheat beer instead of an IPA. As always, I found the allure of a wheat beer too tantalizing to pass up.

Wheat beers are an interesting style as they’ve not been as popular in the last 10-15 years. IPAs have been taking the beer world by storm and now we’re seeing the wheat beers coming back into play with new, bolder, flavours. It’s been really great that not only are wheat beers becoming more popular in the summer due to their crisp, clean, refreshing flavour but to see them holding firm in Autumn as well.


When first opening the beer you get a great smell of the orange, wheatiness that you’d expect from a beer titled Orange Summer. Although there wasn’t a strong orange scent, you can certainly smell the citrus.

Upon first sip, there was a strong taste of spices which shocked me. Spice notes weren’t something I was expecting, so I was surprised but in a nice way. Sipping some more I had expected to have a stronger orange taste as well but that seemed to fade just as quickly as the soft scent did once the beer had been poured.

It still retained the crisp, wheat flavor you’d expect to have which gave it some strong integrity. As above this one would be paired greatly with some fish and chips – but if you’re not too keen on fish, then anything spicy would be a great option to chow down on.

If you’d like to pick up a can for yourself then head to your local shop in Wellington or hit up their website. Garage Project also has a ton of breweries which you can find locations for online as well.



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