Ever Wanted To Go To Hogwarts? Now You Kind Of Can

Early yesterday an advert popped up in my Facebook feed and with a resigned kind of dread, I quickly realised exactly where all of my obsessive tendencies will be directed over the next month. So knowing how this was going to play out I went ahead and downloaded the game that will be the end of my social life in April – Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

If you haven’t had a chance to play it then chances are you know a nerd who already has. Due for release on the 25th of April it looks like it’s an early Christmas for HP fans as the games out, and is already at number 2 in the iPhone store for the adventure category.

As the name implies the game is set in Hogwarts where you yourself will be a student. Taking place after Voldemort’s defeat, so with Harry as a baby, promotional material for the game shows a baby Fang and a student Tonks coming into gameplay. Fan favourites are going to bumping around from early on, and if you like a professor chances are they’ll be there.

In terms of the game itself I’m only up to level 4 and so far it seems as though I am largely still in the tutorial phase, which I expect to last for virtually the entire 1st year at Hogwarts. The gameplay is very structured thus far, and open world for a mobile app was likely a bigger mouthful than Portkey Games cared to bite off. The attention to detail for characters is a nice touch, and therefore it’s appreciated you get to customise your own character as well. The one true downfall so far is not forcing the player to take a quiz to determine the house they end up in, with the option to retake it if they don’t like the answer.

Overall it’s similar in gameplay to most mobile apps these days, but combines a lot of elements you’ll be familiar with from other popular ones. Is it the giant MMORPG we wanted for Harry Potter? Will it do quite nicely for a fun little time waster to tide us over? For now, definitely.


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