For Reels-ies: Ready Player One

To be very clear – I love the Iron Giant. I do not possess the skill required to be 100% objective about anything that features the Iron Giant. That said let’s get cracking on this films roundup.

Ready Player One, based on the novel of the same name, is set in the year 2045. It’s not a stretch for the imagination to think of the world becoming more shit that it is already, albeit possibly on an accelerated scale. Set in the virtual reality Oasis the plot of the film follows Watts and his friends on a quest to retrieve 3 keys to unlock an easter egg that would see its holder inherit the entire virtual reality. The key to doing this? Essentially being the biggest of all the nerds, in order to become crowned nerd king.

Ready Player One isn’t going to be the cinematic masterpiece of our generation by any means, but it’s fun from the get-go. The pacing works well throughout, and it’s visuals are on point. If you get an opportunity to see the film it’s clear based on the action sequences, and even some of the quieter moments, that this is intended for 3D. Make sure you see it in 3D the first time around otherwise, like me, you’re going to regret not doing this.

If your pop culture knowledge is below average there can be times where the plot is going to seem a little slow, as the film does take care to make a number of visual nods to different franchises. If like me though you were roped in by the Iron Giant in the promotional material, you are not going to be disappointed. Same goes for the cars crashing that were featured in the trailer.

It’s a solid book to film adaption and while it doesn’t glosses over some of the larger issue the book touches on, it does so in a clear effort to not lose the viewer with the pace. Overall it’s a decent watch and yet again we have a 3/5.


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