Collection: Enzo Miccio – Bridal Couture 2019

With a wedding I’m attending next year slowly making it’s way closer, this week I’ve been diving into Maid of Honour duties and researching what styles may be popular next year.

Enzo Miccio is probably not a name you’ve heard recently, or possibly ever, but like Vera Wang it’s a name you need to know if you’re into any kind of wedding dresses. Going for thousands of dollars it’s not too much to expect that this shit will look tiiiiiight, and  the above is what Miccio has delivered for 2019.

The entire collection appears to have gone for a more classic, dreamy feel overall – with no splashes of colour, or particularly interesting silhouettes. This seems to be in contrast with other bridal collections released, and it’s strange to see not even one dress with a slight hint of blush or colour fighting its way from underneath. Miccio appears to be taking an adage to heart – if it ain’t broke why fix it?

Unfortunately this may have been the wrong choice as the collection does nothing to wow. While two pieces are completely sheer up top this feels as though it’s been done for shock factor alone, and comes across tacky.  After this year’s collection it’s simply disappointing, and if I’m being honest I wouldn’t consider wearing one for my own wedding.


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