For Reels-ies: I Feel Pretty

I feel pretty is Amy Schumer’s latest attempt at a film, and ever since the trailer has come out people have been shitting all over it. With bomb reviews and an audience score of 27% on Rotten Tomatoes I walked into the cinema with low expectations, and ended up leaving pleasantly surprised.

The premise of the film is simple, and can be summarised by its trailer. A woman who isn’t very confident with how she looks hits her head, and then suddenly thinks she’s essentially the most beautiful woman in the world. It isn’t exactly a complex plot, and easily has the potential to turn in a waking feminist nightmare, but handled with care you can see the potential. That plus, as terrible as it is, I love being spoon fed the ‘girl power/love yourself’ messages in rom-coms because I’m a garbage human.

Backlash for the film was swift following the release if the trailer because the setup for a punch down was ripe. The idea of showing a woman like Schumer not being attractive – when she’s a conventional blonde, white woman – was pretty insulting to a lot of people. Luckily the film displays that essentially the only difference between her pre and post transformation is that she changes how she views herself.

She looks like a real human and despite reviews otherwise I found her plot line simple , funny, and enjoyable to watch  With an ensemble cast featuring a lot of Instagram famous, or just actually famous, people dropping in it could have been easy to get lost in a sea of faces. However Schumer, and a fucking excellent performance from Michelle Williams, ground the film throughout. It’s a rare delight for the female boss in a film like this to not reveal herself over 90 minutes as being a secret giant cunt.

All this said I did find myself having a horrible moment of self-realisation during this film, and not one I expect to get over quickly. I was watching this woman, who in real life is between a size 6 and size 8, and I thought to myself that she looked large.

To think this of a woman who in real life I would think small, because to be a size 8 bitch you are small, was incredibly jarring. I had to remind myself of this at a few times in the film, largely when the character was no longer confident, and honestly how fucked up is that? It’s a good reminder that the women in films these days being touted as average do not look anything fucking like the average. Feed their poor bodies some god damn bread and give me a size 12 that isn’t the “fat friend” Hollywood you asshole.

Overall despite what you may have heard the film is a lot of fun and worth a watch. My entire cinema row was laughing throughout and yes with vaginas we were the target audience – but it is worth the $10 at Reading. 3/5.



  1. We actually know in real life she was a size six when she made those comments? That is debatable, honestly. My daughter is smaller/shorter than her and would struggle to be a size 6. I’m just a bit taller than her and haven’t seen a size 6 since elementary school. I don’t think she asked to initially be in that debate, but what she said was questionable, and not helpful to people with body positivity issues.
    I think that she has said some controversial things irl just adds to the backlash.


    1. Fair – however one thing to remember is that US sizes are different than AU/NZ/EU sizes. A 6 to 8 in the US is a 12 to 14 internationally.


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