Collection: Willfredo Gerardo – Fall Winter 2018/2019

Sheer is the name of the game for Willfredo Gerardo’s Fall Winter collection.

Born and raised in North Hollywood, it’s no stretch for the imagination to see how Gerardo’s look has been inspired by a Hollywood aesthetic. Sleek lines and, not to my taste, sheer material were abundant when  New York fashion week saw his 6th collection displayed earlier this year.

While Gerardo has yet to prove any kind of longevity with his career it’s nice to see outfits skirting closer to the line of inappropriateness, as it makes for an interesting visual. Nobody could claim that his collection is boring, unless of course referring to a somewhat limited colour palette. However the little colour he has chosen has been done so well, and the range available would see something suitable for almost any skin tone.

With prices less than a standard wedding dress his work tends to be within reach for most of us. He’s worth keeping an eye on, and if you find this collection not to your taste it’d be worthing checking out some of the previous dresses still available.


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