Spoilers – Who Should Have Died In Infinity War

Infinity War hit cinemas late last week, and in this day and age its been almost impossible to avoid spoilers online. With that in mind be aware that this will be no exception, so if you haven’t seen the film yet you’re going to want to stop reading.

Having seen the film you may have taken the time to read a few of the reviews bumping around, and word of mouth so far is that it’s enjoyable if not a little exhausting. The “big deaths” of the movie have been with characters Loki, Gamora and Vision but debates are already happening as to whether or not the characters will stay dead a la the other times Loki has “died”.

Thematically it makes sense to keep Loki dead, even as a fan favourite, as the facets of the character have been explored thoroughly so far on screen. Bringing him back at this stage would undermine any future character deaths in the MCU, and leaving him dead does justice to the character motivations while allowing Thor to in turn grow from the experience. That said the scene itself felt rushed, and a disappointing goodbye for a character that has been with us since the original MCU films.

Gamora, however, doesn’t make sense to not resurrect. The character alone hasn’t seen as much screen time as many of us would like, but more importantly the end credits scene of Guardians 2 hinted towards her potential future. For those of you who aren’t giant comic nerds they’ve set it up to bring in Adam Warlock, who is Gamora’s big love interest. It’d be easy enough to justify her returning, simply by having a plot point with her soul being stuck inside the soul stone with her coming back to life once it’s destroyed – which we know is at least possible to do. Her death at least, unlike Loki’s, felt as though it did have the gravitas it deserved.

Vision is another ball game entirely. There’s plenty of room for development and screen time for him, but in an ensemble cast of the Avengers size I found myself not entirely moved by his death. Bettany’s acting chops can’t be denied, but the character gets swallowed in a sea of more watchable and complex heroes. Ultimately the case could be made to bring him back either way.

The true tragedy of the film, and I’m loathe to say it, is that none of the character deaths hurt as much as they could have. The original three – Tony, Thor, Steve – all made it through the film and while it’s sad to see the half the cast turn to ash at the end, it’s clear they’ll be coming back. Strange even goes so far as to address this in the film by looking into the future, then before turning to dust near as tells Tony as much by saying it was the only way to win.

No the way to have hurt us all but still made us want more, would have been to kill off our Captain America in such an overly dramatic fashion that it was worthy of a Skywalker. As much as I love myself a Steve Rogers film, and with the Russo brothers at the helm they’ve been the best MCU contributions in recent years, he should have died. Cap is no longer cap without his shield, and there isn’t much room for him to grow. Like Loki it makes sense to thin him from the herd to allow other characters to step into new roles.

With Cap dead, and again I have to stress the importance of a properly thought out and heartbreaking death scene, it opens up the moniker for either Bucky or Sam to step into the role as they have both done in the comics. In a perfect world Sam would pick up the shield and become the new Captain America, as he currently is, while Bucky and Natasha go and do a standalone Black Widow film that investigates the Red Room and shows her origins. Becuase seriously, how the fuck do we not have a standalone Black Widow film yet.

Now that you’ve seen the film though I’m sure you’ll have your opinions on it too. One thing we can all seem to agree on however, is that the out of context spoilers are a thing of beauty.



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