You Should Always Make A Wedding Registry

Approaching your late twenties means that the wedding invitations start to pour in thick and fast. Those who care about their biological clock, and believe me I am not one, begin to play the game we all do at the end of the night when we don’t want to go home alone. As a woman nothing gets your baby clock ticking, and in turn your instincts to lock it the fuck down, like the ever nearing 3-0.

Most of us know by now that a wedding day is meant to be this huge important thing in your life, and if you didn’t there’s plenty of media ready to shove the idea down your throat. Like the best of them I’m a sucker for a good ‘Say yes to the dress’. ‘Cheapest wedding’, ‘Four weddings’, or ‘I found the gown’, so I can sincerely say no judgement to those who subscribe to the idea that their wedding should be extra as fuck. 

I’ve previously covered some general party tips to help set the mood for your event, but a wedding is a party souped-up on crack with the added benefit of being at the mercy of the judgement of all your friends and family. You can expect to have stress dreams about centrepieces and hors-d’oeuvres for months, and ultimately you still aren’t going to please everyone. If nothing else – you should at least make sure you’re going to get some good shit from it.

A wedding registry is realistically a bride and groom’s best friend. Don’t want 5 toasters and a set of plates for “special occasions” that will never see the light of day, get a wedding registry. You eliminate your guests having to think about what to get you, and you in turn get stuff you actually want. With a registry you also avoid the potentially awkward situation of a double up.

There are those that’ll subscribe to the idea of the wishing well, essentially the tackier “give me money” version that forces a person to say exactly how much they’re willing to spend, but worst case you can do a combination. Set up a registry before you send out your invitations, the important thing here is to have a range of shops and price points, and then pop a card with a link to it in with the invitation that gets sent out. To kill two birds with one stone if you’re truly into the wishing well, but give your guests the option of either.

Your guests and your “not filled with unwanted crap” cupboards will thank you.


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