Collection: Alejandro Resta – Bridal 2019

There are those that subscribe to the idea that a bride should wear white on their wedding day, but luckily Alejandro Resta isn’t one of them.

Alejandro Resta doesn’t have the largest online presence, but I can appreciate any designer who has the decency to put collection photos on their site. His website lists a number of achievements, awards, and organistations / celebrities he’s worked with – but if like me you hadn’t heard of him before this then the best place to take a peek is his Instagram. He knows how to make a dress, and how to take a bomb ass photo.

With a mixture of colour and unusual cuts, contrasted against classic silhouettes made with the expected white, his newest bridal collection is definitely aimed to cater all kinds of brides. While not all of it will be to everyone’s tastes, looking at your boring ass 1:14, it’s unlikely that something in the collection wouldn’t appeal.

The true centerpiece of the collection is the final dress. With a unique bottom combined with a sparkling top, it has a distinct visual element that you won’t see on most brides but still manages to execute a classic feeling. So if you’re not a basic bride he may be right up your alley.


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