Cheers My Beers!: Parrotdog West Coast IPA, Forget-me-not

Parrotdog has never disappointed me before and continuing that trend this beer was excellent. I’d give it a solid 8/10 for balancing the bitter and sweet.

As always, when I see a beer that says West Coast I have to check it out. It’s always fun to see if a brewery chooses to use the hops, or the brewing style, or both. Forget-Me-Not does not disappoint.

beer edit.jpg

As most IPAs go it definitely had notes of bitterness but starts off with a sweeter, floral taste. This creates a nice balance of not being overly sweet or bitter. Forget-me-not is also a drier mouth feel so if you prefer a wetter beer this might not be as preferable. I thought the dryness really cut down the sweetness and helped the pallet to take in more of the flavours.

Along with a sweet start, you get floral and citrus notes. They’ve used ‘new school’ hops for brewing this batch which you can taste. The varieties have tropical and citrus aspects that you can note from start to finish.

If you’re wanting to enjoy a meal with your beer, it would go well with your typical IPA pairings like spicy, salty or sweet foods. This one would go great with a burger and caramelized onions since it’s a dryer beer. It will bring out the sweet but not overpower it.

If you’re interested in picking up your own to try out, you can find them at New World or online at I’d also suggest their Falcon APA.


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