For Reels-ies: Deadpool 2

This one is a true delight friends. As the vehicle that sees the return of a successful first film, sequels always have the risk of being awful and unfaithful to their predecessor. Luckily Deadpool 2 is fucking great, and this isn’t something you need to worry about. Spoilers ahead.

Off the bat there are a few problems with it overall, but really when isn’t there a problem with a major franchise? The places where Deadpool 2 fall flat are simple, but strong. One of the main problems the film has is that they revisit a lot of the same joke styles from the original and while it does work this time around, it’s not as effective as the original and in turn has the potential to become stale in future endeavours. If this is addressed for a third film then it should be fine.

The second is the supremely disappointing choice to “fridge” Vanessa in an early scene. Like any women who likes comics, or action films, it is always disappointing but never surprising to see a woman killed to further the man pain of a male character. While Deadpool 2 is progressive in many ways, it’s clear that they didn’t know how to deal with a character like Vanessa – and simply didn’t want to invest time in thinking about how she would react to the film’s events. With the post-credits scenes it’s unclear if they’ll undo it moving forwards, but given how self-aware they’ve been about every trope other than this one it’d be nice to make a nod to the seriously shitty call in a future sequel.

However the film still holds up well under its own weight with the inclusion of other strong new characters, and a huge array of POC specifically contrary to the comics races (which thank you because otherwise it would be a sea of white people, and FFS how boring is that to see these days). Domino is a particular delight for me, as I’ve always been obsessed with the ability to affect probability and essentially that’s all luck as a superpower is. The choice to make her a black women with vitiligo is genius, and her casting is on point.

Despite the one huge glaring flaw the film is otherwise a delightful cinematic romp, and if you’d liked the first one then you’ll like this one. It’s funny, fun, and well paced. The acting is great, the casting is well done especially with the all of their cameos, and the characters included all complement each other well. Definitely worth a watch – 4/5.


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