Collection: Gucci – Cruise 2019

To compete with Chanel’s Cruise collection from earlier this year, Gucci needed to bring their A-game. While they may not have had a literal cruise ship, they definitely managed to transport their audience – and who doesn’t love a dramatic affair that uses literal fire as a set piece?

Choosing a cemetery for a fashion show can seem a little gauche, and a little inappropriate, but despite this the drama you’d expect from such a move really did up the ante. Add this with 114 looks crammed into a show less than 18 minutes, the pace is fucking fast and doesn’t really give you time to observe the looks which is a damn shame given Gucci’s aesthetic for this collection.

It’s easy to see how Creative Director Alessandro Michele drew inspiration while “fascinated by death” for this season. With 114 looks it’d be almost impossible to not have a little of everything, and most of the items work well and deserve their place. Combined with unusual hairstyles the overall effect is bold and lasting.

Honestly though, some of this is so ugly I hope never to see it trickle down onto the bodies of anyone other than a high fashion model in a very specific aesthetic for an avante-garde photoshoot. All I dared to dream for the wedding dress in the finale was that it would catch the fire from the centre of the runway, never to be seen by human eyes again.

A lot of this still has the decency to be fun, it is a resort collection afterall, but it’s unlikely I’d ever choose any of these pieces to invest in. You do you though.


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