Cheers My Beers! : Liberty Brewing, Yakima Monster

If you’re just starting off and are looking to expand your horizons and get into some stronger flavours, I’d really suggest this IPA. The crisp citrus mixed with the mellow hops makes it an easy beer to drink. I’d give the Yakima Monster an 8 out of 10. 

I’m always intrigued when I find a beer that seems to have some Oregon influences. For those of you not in the know, Yakima a city in Washington, not too far from Oregon. It’s the perfect opportunity to see Kiwi ingenuity mixed with Northwest flavour.


IPAs are often known for their citrus notes and strong bitter flavour. This beer was a nice take on a well flavoured but not as bitter style IPA. When opening the beer you pick up some of the softer, sweet citrus notes but even then you aren’t overpowered with hops.

Taking your first sip you’ll notice how smooth it is from start to finish. There’s a very crisp, clean feel to the beer and the flavors aren’t competing with each other. Knowing the name, region and style of beer, I was really surprised how mellow this IPA was.

You can pair this IPA with most food types and you’d find it to be delicious. Classically you’d want to pair an IPA with something spicy or fatty. I’d suggest spicy chicken wings or maybe BBQ pork.

I’ve you’d like to one up and try it for yourself, you can look at your local grocery. If you’re not able to find a beer from Liberty Brewing at your local grocery or dairy, I’d hit them up on their site and request a shipment out – which you can do via the link below.


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