For Reels-ies: Ocean’s 8

If there’s one thing you can say about Ocean’s 8, it’s that the ladies are going to be some of the most stylish in film. With a cast that looks like it was pulled from a fantasy female film roster, it was clear well before the movie was released that the fashion alone was going to be worth seeing it for, and it didn’t disappoint.

Debbie Ocean takes the titular role for the Ocean needed, and playing Clooney’s sister Bullock’s Ocean begins her story being released from prison. It’s an age-old story of love, cons and betrayal for how she got there – but she’s out to set herself up now she’s out of the big house, and has a big score in mind to do it.

The plot itself is simple in premise, but complex in its execution. With a star-studded cast a lot of the runtime is spent introducing the characters in order to set up the potential for future franchise films. Unfortunately, it leaves you wanting more time with of all of them, but arguably that’s the point.

If there’s one place Ocean’s 8 does itself no favours, however, it is by simply choosing to be an Ocean’s film. The movie itself is a solid flick, but by inviting comparisons to the previous films it feels almost flat in comparison. Everything goes relatively smoothly, creating no feeling of urgency, and while there are funny moments it doesn’t have as much of a comedic element as its predecessors. The argument could be made that Debbie’s plan is too perfect – but realistically could anyone genuinely say that they know any women who would spend over 5 years planning something and have it not go well? If anything I’m surprised it didn’t go better than it did.

The true MVP of the whole thing though is Cate Blanchett’s Lou. I’m not being dramatic when I say I would die for that bitch, and from this moment I hope to be more like the fashionable vodka-watering-down glamazon that Blanchett makes her. The true travesty of Ocean’s 8 is that Blanchett isn’t always on screen, and always in a new outfit.

Overall it’s a decent watch, albeit not one you neccessarily need to see in the box office. If you’re looking for something to see though, and you’ve already been to Upgrade, it’s worth catching it while it’s out. 3/5.


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