How To Trick People: Into Thinking You Have Style

In the age of the internet ruling supreme it can be pretty apparent how well you do or don’t dress. With so many tools available for you online there’s also no excuse why any person couldn’t be stylish as hell. So if you’ve yet to figure out your personal style then here are some tips and tricks as to how you can use the internet to your advantage.

First things first, you’re going to want to locate some style icons to inspire you and to make a clear image of what it is that you’re aiming for. To start your research I’d recommend locating a couple of famous people, or TV and film characters, that you like the style of. Go through Google Images, IMDB, and Instagram and save all of the looks that you’re into. Following this you should then crawl through some Instagram tags (I’d recommend #ootd and #streetfashion) and again save photos you like.

If you’re looking for suggestions for who you can use for a variety of styles I can recommend the following as a starting point: Audrey Hepburn, Dita Von Teese, Lou from Ocean’s 8, Victoria from Man from UNCLE

After you’ve done this you need to have a serious think about your personal body type, and have a clear idea of what will and won’t be flattering on you. If you have no idea what this is then figure out your “body shape” by entering your measurements in this site, and then Google the kinds of cuts that look good on that shape. In turn use your photos and this information to begin your search.

The next step is the most expensive. You’re going to have to buy new things. To begin with you should try and buy clothes in person, so you can get comfortable with the different kinds of items and to get an idea of how they’ll look on you. Before going you should again figure out what size you should be looking at, and avoid the instinct to buy too large. If you aren’t finding things in your budget in person then take a peek at places like Zara, ASOS, The Realreal, H&M, and Decjuba.

The true final key to looking tits amazing is to buy clothes that fit your largest bit perfectly, and then get them tailored. For example if you have a big butt, but tiny hips and short legs, then buy pants to fit your butt and get it tailored everywhere else. Celebrities use this trick all of the time, and it’s why they can look so good in off the rack items.

Other than this there are a few simple rules to follow. Don’t be afraid of bold prints. Don’t clash prints unless you know what you’re doing. Do not wear black shoes with blue pants. Don’t wear colours that wash you out. Pastels aren’t always your friends.


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