Cheers My Beers! : Yeasty Boys, White Noise

What do you think the flavor of white noise on your television would taste like, worry not, Yeasty Boys has your answer. I’d give this one a 7/10.

Coming at you with a new beer, White Noise is a ‘white beer’. I’ve never had a white beer before so this definitely struck me as a beer to try.

White beer is a type of Belgian witbier. It’s similar to a typical wheat beer but white beers are sometimes a little spicy and often have citrus used in the brewing process. This style of beer is often cloudier with a higher proportion of wheat, giving it a lighter color.


The color of White Noise was certainly a very light, slightly golden, color but wasn’t very cloudy. The nose of the beer was a bit sour as the scent of orange and citrus were strong. On your first sip you’ll also notice the orange blossom giving it a really nice citrus flavor and adding depth. Try swirling the beer in your mouth a bit as well to notice the oilier mouth feel. It’s a much more creamy tasting and feeling beer. This is probably due to the coconut and vanilla that was used during the brewing process. The vanilla notes are pretty hidden but the flavor of orange mixed with the oily coconut flavor is definitely very interesting!

It’s one that certainly fun to try and has a different style all its own. However, the flavor while interesting isn’t overly complex and it might be best to only have one as the oiliness might get too much after a few beers. Although it’s not a style to knock back 5 or 6, it’s still a great beer to try.

This beer would go well with any seafood based dish. I’d also recommend a Thai style curry as the coconut flavors would come out and add complexity to your dinner and beer. Sushi would also be a great counterpart to this beer. Whatever you end up pairing it with, enjoy the journey of the beer and those you try it with.

As usual, I grabbed my beer from a local New World but if it’s not in stock near you, just jump to their online store.


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