For Reels-ies: The Incredibles 2

If there is one movie that isn’t going to disappoint you this year, then it’s going to be the Incredibles 2. Never before has a sequel been so truly satisfying, and I cannot recommend going to see it enough. Disney has brought out their A game here friends.

Helen (Elastigirl) takes centre stage returning to work as a super, trying to change the world’s perspective on supers and their illegal status. Bob (Mr Incredible) in turn is jealous but supportive of his wife and steps into her shoes to try and take over the family life in her absence. In Disney’s hands the switch to non-traditional gender roles is handled gracefully, truthfully, and with a whole lot of love for their characters.

The real star of the show in this film though is the baby Jack-Jack. While the previous one didn’t really show much of him, although briefly introducing his powers, the sequel leans fully into this premise. Every moment he’s on screen it’s a delight – as his family try and adapt to the most overpowered person in their universe. The only person who shows any true skill at this is the one you’d expect – HBIC Edna Mode. Her screen time and interactions with the baby are the best moments in the film, only closely followed by an encounter with a raccoon. Watch the film and you’ll understand.

The one place the film does fall down is that you know who the villian is before it even gets going. It’s obvious the moment you see them on screen, but ultiamtely it won’t affect your enjoyment too much and this is still a film aimed at a younger audience.

With over a decade since the original Brad Bird (writer, director) has used his time well. If all sequels were as satisfying as this it’d almost be worth the wait if they all took 14 years. 5/5.


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