Cheers My Beers!: Behemoth, Dump the Trump IPA

I really liked this beer not only for the art and title but also the taste. I’d give it a 9/10!

This was my second 4th of July spent in New Zealand and what better way to show some patriotism than by downing a Dump the Trump IPA?


Behemoth also has their Im-peach-ment Sour Ale and both brews have not disappointed. If you look through the brews Behemoth typically make, many of them are IPAs. This has to do with one of the founders being from the Pacific Northwest. In the last 10-15 years the PNW has really taken to IPAs, and have produced some of the world’s award-winning beers.

An IPA is determined in large part by how much hops goes into the beer – the hoppier, the better for an IPA. All these hops are what add the more ‘bitter’ flavour. Another typical attribute of an IPA is the sweeter or more fruity notes you taste. Dump the Trump certainly has both of these characteristics.

When porting you’ll note the lighter amber colour and you can smell the hoppiness. This beer has a pretty sweet taste when you first sip it and stands out on the tip of your tongue. As the beer goes down, you’ll definitely notice the flavour turn more bitter. This isn’t unpleasant but a nice part of the flavour and style of IPA. Most IPAs will have a ‘grapefruit’ like taste but this one has a more tropical element which is a nice change of pace. Taking hops from the US, NZ and Oz has contributed to a nice flavour that is more nuanced than your typical American IPA.

If you’re looking to pair the beer with something tasty, IPAs are always good with spicy foods. I’d strongly suggest pairing this beer with Mexican food, like enchiladas or jalapeno poppers. Not only will it bring out the delicious flavour notes in the beer and the food, you can stick it to Trump while supporting other cultures. If you’d really like to stick it to him, you can always check out this link to programs that help children from Mexico who are currently in camps at the US/ Mexico border:

If you’d like to get your hands on this beer, you can pick one up at your local New World or look online:



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