For Reels-ies: Ant-man And The Wasp

In the interest of being 100% honest, it should be known that before seeing this film I was already bitter about it. If there is one area that the MCU has truly failed me it is the choice to “fridge” the HBIC and fashionista extraordinaire Janet Van Dyne.

For anyone who doesn’t know, or remember, Van Dyne is the wife of the OG Ant-man Hank Pym. In the original film she shrunk while already small and got stuck in the quantum realm. It was a stupid plot point, and a terrible way to write off arguably the most important female character in the Marvel Universe. The woman spent the longest time of any of the heroes, other than Captain America, leading the Avengers. 

With all of that in mind the only situation in which I was prepared to forgive the MCU for this egregious error was Van Dyne coming back, unaged, and then running the second wave Avengers hand in hand with Captian Marvel. Also Black Panther rocks up in every film as the equivalent of their Thor, and if we can move ahead with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) taking over the Thor title and also being thrown in the mix then that’s really all I could ever think to ask for. But I didn’t get this and here we are.

So with this disappointment already solid in my heart I walked into Ant-man and Wasp prepared to deal with whatever this film was going to throw at me. Unfortunately I was not prepared enough, and like a trickster genie they gave me the thing I wanted – but not how I wanted it.

Michelle Pfeiffer is a very talented actress, and will continue to be talented regardless of the role she is playing. As such the intense dislike of her character I had comes from the characterisation of Janet, back from the dead, and all of the missed opportunity with her. If you haven’t seen it yet then just know she’s weird, and for all intents and purposes her daughter Hope is really meant to be the MCU version of Wasp.

Other than this the film is a lot of fun. Unlike the first Ant-man, arguably the weakest contribution to the MCU, the sequel really leans into its premise and a lot more action happens with their size-changing technology. It’s a fun romp through San Fran, and their villain is incredibly relatable.

They’ve kept the tone of the original, but don’t need to spend much time building up characters you already know. If you’re into superhero flicks it’s one to catch, otherwise it isn’t a must see. 3/5.


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