Collection: Liu Chao – Fall Winter 2018 / 2019

In the world of fashion every now and then you’ll see a collection that sits a little too advante garde for your tastes, and for me Liu Chao’s latest collection is that. I find it hard to believe that any average person would purchase this, but then with price tags like this the average person isn’t really your customer base.

Born in Chinam, Liu Chao currently lives in Paris and graduated from Studio Berçot. Studio Berçot is a private training institute in fashion design, established in 1954, based in Paris and related to French fashion schools – and you can see this influence in Chao’s work in general.

Chao launched the brand LIU CHAO PARIS in 2016, so it is still finding its footing on an international and local scale. However having worked at Celine and Hermes, and having completed the Professional Haute Couture Embroidery training in Maison Lesage, one can expect that Chao will be fine.

This particular collection has been inspired by Mongolia, its rites, its culture and its philosophy. For a brand less established than the big names it has the luxury to take more risks, but for me this hasn’t come off. While the skill can’t be denied, ultimately I dislike it and wouldn’t wear any of them.


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