Don’t Go To Work When You’re Sick

If there’s one time I can admit to being the pot that’s calling the kettle black, it’s when I am telling people who are sick to go home from work. We’ve all been there, when you’re feeling shitty but you aren’t feeling so sick that you don’t think you can power through it. It’s almost as much of a Kiwi tradition as pies with ketchup – but also for reals, stay the fuck home.

First and foremost you may be willing to sacrifice your own health to help out your colleagues, but ultimately you run the risk of making them sick. If given the choice it’s pretty clear which they would pick, but if they’d genuinely rather be sick than at work then why the hell would you want to go in either.

If you’ve got a lot of work to do then it’ll still be there the next day. However if you go in then you’ll be operating at a lower capacity and it won’t be anywhere near as good as what you can do, so best to leave it. If there’s something that has to be done, ask someone to cover or do it from your couch. If neither of these are options then go in briefly, before taking yourself home.

Obviously you also need to rest. If you’re sick then you need to get better, and the fastest way to do this is to hydrate and sleep. Over and over, and you’ll feel like shit but it’ll be faster if you do it this way. Then, with any luck, you can go back to work after only losing a day.

But chances are you already knew all of this. Ultimately the guilt that most of us feel keep us from staying in bed. I understand this, but seriously if you make the rest of your colleagues sick then it’s just a dick move. Just don’t be a dick.


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