For Reels-ies: Mamma Mia 2

Mamma Mia Here We Go Again was everything that the trailer promised me it would be, and really that’s all I ever want from a film.

This week I made my way down to the local cinema with my main movie buddies. For those who know me in real life you’ll know that I have very strict rules around what is acceptable behaviour during a film. Don’t talk, don’t fidget loudly, and don’t be a dick basically. Anything that distracts from the film and takes me out of the experience will see you added to my banned list – and there are more than a few people on it.

With Mama Mia though it’s a different story. You can’t help but sing, and if you’re so stone cold dead inside that you can resist the urge then chances are this really isn’t the film for you to start with. It has some real boppers and even though they popped up in the original film they still use the iconic songs, so you won’t be disappointed they left out the major hits in fear of repetition.

The film details Donna’s (Helen Mirren / Lily James) early life and how she came to find herself in the premise of the first film – namely that she doesn’t know who her baby daddy is. The scenes jump between the past and present-day relatively seamlessly, and they managed to get their whole cast to return for the sequel-prequel blend.

The best thing about the entire film though is how much fun the cast are having filming it. Also the outfits. Fucking hell those are some ugly and amazing outfits.

Brosnan, Firth and Skarsgard all earn a specific shouout here for they are all easily cast as Sophie’s father. They all dad-danced their way through the film in a manner that’s delightful, and charming, and clear they’re putting the effort in. Are they as good as the people around them? No. Are they relatable to any real-life father and clearly having a great time? Yes – and honestly it makes it more fun to watch.

Ultimately you don’t find out who Sophie’s biological father is, but really this shouldn’t have been expected. With Donna’s friends stepping in as Sophie’s surrogate mothers/aunts, her three fathers, and the island people who band around her and her mother before her, Mamma Mia really does just lean into the premise that family is the people you chose to allow in. However if you’re keen to figure out who Sophie’s father really is then (spoiler) the film makes one thing obvious to those of us who understand basic math and a women’s menstrual cycle – it can’t be Bill. 

This one’s fun but if you don’t like the trailer you aren’t going to like the film. 3.5/5.


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