How To Trick People: Into Thinking You Can Do Makeup

As a modern woman, there are fewer skills that you’re expected to have than the women of yesteryear. Luckily you don’t need to know how to make a meal from scratch, or how to do pinup curls, or how to make and mend clothes. These are all good skills to have, but not a necessity in modern life. But the one thing that most women, at least in the western world, are supposed to have once they’ve reached adulthood – is the ability to make your face look entirely different through powder and liquids applied with skill.


While I’m not one to brush aside the fact that ultimately we’re conditioned to think of our faces as unacceptable without makeup, and that this is bullshit, I also have skin shit enough that I’m not comfortable not wearing it. So with this said there are a few techniques that mean I’m putting in minimal effort, but get maximum points for doing so.


Once you commit to doing makeup you need to figure out what your face shape is, because this is how you figure out what style to do with shit like your contour. Simply identify your face shape, Google it if you get stuck, and then after putting on your primer do your contour as above.

After doing this you simply need to do your eye makeup and shape your eyebrows. Youtube has a plethora of skilled makeup artists to show you how this can best be achieved best on your skill level and what you have available. Below is a pretty decent example for those who are still just starting out.

Following all of this make sure to use setting spray. Think of this like hairspray for your face, the idea being that it keeps your makeup from going walkabout on your face. It’ll keep your makeup top quality for most of the day, and if you combine with blotting papers you should be perfect.


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