Kill Some Of Your Precious Time With These Netflix Watches


Everyone loved a good Netflix binge, and I’ve previously gone over what the best shows are that it has on offer. That said Netflix, like the true MVP they are, keeps on adding the good stuff – so here are more recommendations for ways to grind down your time in a march towards death. Enjoy!

Final Space

Final Space is a show so visually beautiful, genuinely funny, and emotion wrenching, that when I started casually watching it was like a sucker punch to my heart. Nothing prepared me for the 12 episodes that have been released so far. It’s seriously like someone decided to make a show perfectly aimed at me, and that I didn’t know would fill a hole in my soul. It’s now my favourite animation, and as an adult who watches too much animation, that’s a big statement.


This one is a little more of an acquired taste, and is only worth watching if you don’t mind seeing genuinely terrible people do genuinely terrible things and never redeem themselves. It’s hard to imagine that you won’t be at least a little offended by one of the jokes, but you may be interested in this one as a secret guilty pleasure.

Cheapest Weddings

Unlike the others on this list so far, this one has been on Netflix for a wee bit. The show is, shocker, about couples trying to have cheap weddings. Set in Australia the show feels close to home, and some of the weddings are nice enough you may even want to steal some of the ideas for your own weddings. There are plenty of couples to like – the only disappointment is they never address why one of the couples in the first episode had basically nobody show up. This mystery will haunt me.


Nailed it

If you’ve never been the best at executing a dessert unlike all of the perfect Pinterest mommies of the world, then Nailed it is the show for you. The show gets everyday home bakers to attempt to recreate amazing treats, and they just really fail. They just fail so hard, and it’s worth watching them do it.



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