For Reels-ies : Mission Impossible – Fallout

There are any number of things that Tom Cruise is famous for, but in recent years if he isn’t coming up for his personal life *cough*Scientology*cough* it’s because he’s pumped out a new Mission Impossible film. Sure the Mummy came out but let’s be real, Mission Impossible is Cruise’s moneymaker.

So when the trailer dropped for Fallout I was excited, but knew ultimately all I was going to be getting was a fun action film with little effort into an overarching larger message. And this is what I got by the time the film ended, but fuck if it wasn’t a fun journey to get there.

We aren’t going to waste time on the plot because it’s the same as any other spy action film. There are bad guys, Cruise has to stop the bad guys, he does it in the literal last second. No – what we’re going to discuss is the glorious decision to include the eye candy, and best thing about the film, Henry Cavill.

Cavill plays CIA operative August Walker. He’s the newest addition to the franchise, as most of the characters that grace the screen are ones you’ve seen before, and he’s luckily onscreen a lot. The best thing about his screen time is when he and Tom Cruise gets their asses handed to them in a fight with a bad guy, but during this fight he pumps his arms. The internet loves it, I love it, and I’ve included it below so you can also love it.

The stunts are impressive as you’d expect from this franchise, and plotwise they have the decency to not draw out any reveals of things we all know are coming. And you will know they’re coming.

Overall it’s a 3/5 but on a fun scale it scores higher. So if you’re looking for something easy, action-packed, and enjoyable, then this is the one for you.


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