Will We Need To Welcome Our New Robot Overlords?

With advancements being made in robotics and AI every year, the question most sci-fi nerds are asking themselves is when are robots going to rise up against us? Most media likes to show AI as the harbinger of our doom, although some take their sweet time about it, in a poetic twist of our own creations bringing about the end of our kind.

Probably not realistic in our lifetime, but let’s be real – is a cold logical ruler really that much worse than an overly sensitive and easily swayable US president? And how far off are we from actually having true artificial intelligence, that may or may not lead to robot overlords?

When looking into this people have very different estimates as to how long it will be before we reach this technological milestone, with some still questioning if it’s actually even possible to ever have true aritifical intelligence. The problems that arise come from the five points that must be met in order for machines to become as intelligent as humans: generality, transfer learning, learning without being taught, common sense and self-awareness. The Huffington Post has previously covered this in great detail.

While there are those that believe the singularity will happen in the next 20 years, this being when robots essentially become smarter than humans, a much more interesting phenomenon has occurred while we’ve all been subconsciously eyeing our iPhones. The ‘multiplicty’, as nicknamed by UC Berkeley roboticist Ken Goldberg.

The idea is that we are in the age of multiplicity – one where machines and humans work together to make each other better. He makes a compelling argument, which I wouldn’t do justice, so simply watch him below and have at least some of your fears quelled before taking your phone to bed.


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