For Reels-ies: The Spy Who Dumped Me

The Spy Who Dumped Me as it’s heart an ode to true female friendship, with lots of violence and some solid jokes thrown in. Take your bestie and you won’t be disappointed.

The story follows Audrey (Mila Kunis) after her boyfriend, who surprise surprise is a spy, dumps her but still ends up managing to royally fuck her life after he should be out of it. Relatable.  Audrey and Morgan (Kate McKinnon) end up traipsing around Europe with a highly suspect USB drive as a restult – while being chased by assassins, terrorists, the CIA, and a gymnast. It’s a wild ride from start to end.

The movie is solid throughout, and the plot progresses quickly and more realistically than I’ve seen for any other “girlfriend of spy gets dragged into his world” film. McKinnon and Kunis spend most of their screen time in abject terror, screaming and blundering their way through espionage before they take ownership of the situation they find themselves in. While this sounds like a receipt for annoyance it’s handled incredibly well, and delivers the comedy the trailer promises us.

The true staying power of the film though is how strong the female characters friendship is, and what they’d do for each other. These women are meant to have been best friends for 12 years, and it feels this way when they interact with one another. There are a few scenes where things get heavy as a result, but they speak and react as though they’ve been lifelong friends. It’s refreshing to see this amount of work going into the subtext of a major films women – and it adds an air of believability to what’s happening on screen. After all, if my best friend needed help going to Europe while escaping spies I would do it.

This is definitely one to see if you have the time while it’s out. Best to catch it early, and on a ladies night out. 4/5.


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