Don’t Buy A Diamond Ring

Being a cynical millennial means that in your day to day life you are going to question whether or not what the people around you are saying is bullshit. In the age where Google reins supreme a fact check is only a click away, but how often do we think to check “known” facts. Because seriously, diamonds are total bullshit.

Like a car that instantly loses value the moment you drive if off the lot, a diamond loses 50% of its value once you leave the jeweller. But why is this? The simple answer is that diamonds may be forever, but they’re common as fuck and you’ve been brainwashed by good marketing.

If you’ve ever looked into where diamonds come from then you’ll have heard of a company called De Beers. During the 20th century they took the diamond world by the balls, and ended up controlling 90% of the trade during that time. Like the money hungry capatlists we are used to these days, they artificially restricted the flow of diamonds to increase the price so something relatively common became a luxury good. Combined with a very savvy marketing scheme in the 1930’s to make you think that a diamond is the ultimate symbol of love they made, and continue to make with 40% of the trade, serious bank.

The problem with all of this though is that ultimately the markup on a diamond is 100 – 200%. They’re not worth the ring they’re set in 9 times out of 10. and it’s why when selling jewellery pawn shops will only pay you for the band. Jewellers rely on you buying into the scam, and we all continue to do it – even knowing you could be purchasing a blood diamond.

So how do you get around this? The easy answer is buy created sapphire (white if you want the diamond look), or to go antique.

White sapphire looks basically the same as a diamond to the untrained eye, and most of us are untrained. It costs like a 10th of the price, it comes in variety of cuts, and because sapphires are durable as fuck it won’t chip. A created sapphire ring would cost you maybe $200, and you can go crazy with the setting. In addition to this because it’s grown in a lab you don’t have to worry about your symbol of love coming from slave labour. Win-win.

Otherwise if you maybe know what you’re doing then looking at vintage rings could be the way to go. Hit up vintage stores in your area and see if there’s anything you like. Sure a little old lady could have died wearing it, but that just builds character.

All in all don’t get sucked into the lie. Or do, but at least know it’s a lie.


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