Cheers My Beers! : Garage Project, Aro Noir

Stouts that are robust on their own without the added sweetness of chocolate or a strong flavor of coffee can be incredibly refreshing. If you’re looking for a stout with these flavors then this will probably might be for you. I’d rate this it a 7/10 as I think the flavour is good, but it might not be what you’d expect from its description.

On rainy, cold days nothing sets the mood better than a dark stout. Aro Noir from Garage Project embodies just this, in name along with taste. This is a moody stout that gives just a little away, before you realize you’ve been wrapped up in it and are halfway through.

Stouts come with an array of flavour notes and often you’ll see coffee, coconut or chocolate. Many brewers do their best to bring out the sweeter notes. Aro Noir is nice as it’s purely a beer – if you’d like to know what a classic stout tastes like, then this is the one for you.


When you first open the stout and pour it, there’s a good amount of foam. Many people think that when you pour a beer you want no foam but they’re just wrong. On a stout, nice thick foam is a treat. It can show how silky the beer is and how thick it is. Some stouts choose to use Nitro to add carbonation and create a thick foam. Aro Noir isn’t a Nitro style but it still foams up nicely on the pour.

As I said before, stouts often have chocolate and coffee notes. According to the notes listed on the can, this stout should exhibit some of these. However I wasn’t able to notice them very much, which is honestly why I enjoyed this beer.

When I purchased this stout it was also for a specific stew recipe. I didn’t want one with notes that would overpower the stew, so I thought this would be perfect for the job. As stout is a pretty hardy beer, it pairs best with heartier meals. As a result this was a double win, as I had a cooking ingredient along with a nice drink for my meal.

In general, pairing a stout with strong flavours like lamb and beef are a great match. If you’d like to have it with a dessert pairing, then chocolate would be a nice choice. If you do go with chocolate as a pairing though, make sure that the stout you chose has a wetter mouthfeel. Dark chocolates get drier the darker you go and to offset that you’ll want to make sure your stout doesn’t also have a drier taste to it.

If you’d like to pick up a can of this one for yourself then head to your local shop in Wellington or hit up their website. Garage Project also has a ton of breweries which you can find locations for online as well.


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