If You’re Thinking About Plastic Surgery

Yesterday was my surgery and with any luck, as a result, my back pain will be a thing of the past. In the interest of the pretence that I still have journalistic integrity, it should be noted that at the time this is published I will still be in hospital for another half hour. I’ve written this earlier in the week because I am going to be on a lot of pain drugs, and while I imagine it’ll be hilarious I can’t stretch that imagination to believe I can be productive.

So with this surgery being at the forefront of my mind, here are some tips and tricks if you are thinking about going under the knife:

Make sure you are 100% sure

Whenever you are thinking about a major life change it’s always good to take a step back and think about why it is you’re doing what you’re doing. With something like plastic surgery you are literally altering your body in a permanent way, but unlike a tattoo it’s also going to cost you thousands of dollars.

With the rise of selfie culture more and more young people are getting surgery to alter their appearances. Due to the type of lense a phone camera uses your nose can look up to 30% bigger than it does in real life, so if your self-esteem is being affected and this is why you want surgery I would urge you to first speak to a mental health professional.

If however you’ve thought about this thoroughly, and for a long period of time, then all power to you. As long as you’re not treating plastic surgery like a magic ticket to change everything wrong in your life then you’ll probably be OK.

Research the average costs of what you want done

Plastic surgery is expensive as fuck and that’s why we don’t all do it. When beginning your journey make sure to research the average costs of what you want done, and even emailing a few places to get a confirmation of costs.

Some of the time it will be cheaper in the short run to go overseas for a surgery, for example Thailand has a thriving plastic surgery holiday market, but after factoring in flight and aftercare appointment costs back in your own country it may work out cheaper if you stay local. Google is your best friend here so be thorough in your price research for local doctors.

Once you have the costs figured out look into whether or not you will actually be able to afford your procedure. Sure a new nose and new boobs will look great, but is it worth being destitute? Look into loan options available to you early, and use any pre-loan approvals you get to help shop around for better interest rates.

Locate recommended and respected doctors you trust

This is arguably the most important point on the list. Your doctor will be the person who you hand your body, and life, over to so you need to know that you can trust them and that trust is well placed. After you have your cost sent through from a surgeon be sure to Google the shit out of them. Try and find any reviews, good or bad, and also ask them if they have any reference photos or brochures they can provide.

Once you find someone you like make sure to book a consultation with them and if they don’t first assess you to find out if you’re a viable candidate then just leave. Any doctor not assessing you in that intial meeting is trying to get your money. Other red flags are if they don’t fully explain the possible complications to you without you directly asking.

My surgeon, who I decided on after rather a thorough search, is Charles Davis. He made me feel comfortable, and validated in my decision to move forward with my breast reduction.

Communicate with loved ones and your work

Once you’ve got your surgeon, your costs, and the loan, you’ll need to figure out work and telling those around you. Discuss a date of surgery with your doctor and how long it is recommended you take off work after the procedure. Ensure that you’ve got the appropriate amount of time off and go from there.

In terms of telling people, it’s likely they are going to notice the change. Ultimately it is up you who you chose to tell and who you don’t – but to avoid a million “oh my god what happened” chats I recommend you tell people beforehand.

Prepare for your visit

Finally when the big day comes you’ll need to have prepared for your visit. Make sure you have someone to drop you off and pick you up, as you’re going to be on a bunch of drugs.

Other than this ensure that you shower the morning off the operation to help decrease the risk of infection. Don’t put on any makeup or lotions (again infection and also can fuck with the machines). The hopsital will give you admittance times, and will instruct you on the specifics for food and drink. A good general idea though is no food 6 hours before surgery, and only small sips of water up until 2 hours before.

If you do all of this, and raise any concerns with your doctor beforehand, then you’ll be perfect. Enjoy the new you.


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